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The Perfect Combinations For Rendang Sauce

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

What are the perfect combinations for Rendang? Most people expect that rendang is only eaten with beef, but nothing is less true. Different societies in Indonesia have been enjoying this fantastic sauce with different combinations.

Different regions in Indonesia have their own way of enjoying rendang with different sources of protein, depending on the cultural value and the available protein sources of each region. Since the Islam is the major religious preference, beef has been opted as the favourite option. While in West Sumatra, where the diversity level is higher, pork has been opted as one of the combinations for rendang as well. Not to forget, due to the high price of beef, people often substitute beef with chicken, eggs, or other proteins.

Check out our recommendations for the best pairings!

Explore your local groceries and cook your preferred protein source in our rendang sauce!

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