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Top 3 Coconut "Srikaya" Crème Recipes

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

The exotic "Srikaya" offers the remedy for hunger in just the blink of an eye. "Srikaya" or sugar-apple is one of the popular fruits from South East Asia. At the same time, "Srikaya" or "Kaya-toast" is the name of a popular sweet delicacy in South East Asia, which you can find in almost all cafes.

Yes, with or without the lockdown, not everyone has the chance to visit South East Asia anytime they want, nor would you want to visit South East Asia every time you feel a craving for this sweet delicacy. Wait no more and try our Coconut "Srikaya" Crème!

The bright yellow colour from the egg yolk produces a silky texture which will melt in your mouth and combines perfectly with a crunchy pie skin or crunchy toast. Not to forget the sweet, fragrant smell from the vanilla paste from Bali will lift your soul to the sky.

Do you have your own Coconut "Srikaya" Crème creation? Share it with us and get your stories featured by Maily'sKitchen team! Click here to buy your own Srikaya Crème.

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