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MAily'S kitchen



Eat the rainbow-philosophy

Maily’s Kitchen began in 2018 as an "Eating the Rainbow" dining experience from the back of Maryna Maily's house, with a focus on simple, healthy yet colourful and tasty food.

With the intention of bringing hearty fusion meals to your home, in November 2019, Maily's Kitchen products were born and some of these exciting products so far include: Maily’s Kitchen Sumato Sauce (in original and spicy flavour), Maily’s Kitchen Coconut Flakes, Maily’s Kitchen Srikaya Coconut Creme and Maily’s Kitchen Almond Cookies.


Meet the founder!





The founder of Maily’s Kitchen lives in Antwerp, Belgium, where she enjoys presenting vibrant, Indonesian fusion dishes to Europe! She draws inspiration from nature, people, travel and multiple cuisines, but her real secret traces back to her father who has influenced her with Chinese flavours, whilst her mother has shared a legacy of Indonesian cuisine.

Maryna incorporates her childhood memories of Indonesia, a time that was packed with natural, tropical rainbow fruit and vegetables, into her present everyday recipes; this topped with the invaluable feedback provided by those interested in Maily's Kitchen, has shaped it into the cooking style that it is today.


Maryna continues to experiment with cooking in order to create new fusion recipes and has recently been exploring different types of dietary requirements in order to apply and provide them as an alternative option.

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