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Eat the rainbow-philosophy

Our dining experience is the perfect way to enjoy good company while discovering new flavours. Set in the beautiful building that used to be the old Peace Court of Borgerhout, 

I  founded Maily's Kitchen with a mission to share the original taste of Indonesian fusion cooking combined with the "Eating the Rainbow" concept. I discovered my endless passion for food not only for culinary but also cooking, food styling and food photography.


A lot of people have inspired me in all of my recipe creation and cooking style. My biggest cooking inspiration is my mom. I learned the secret recipe of our family from her. She is the best chef at home and nothing beats your mom's home cooking! In this Dining Experience, you will explore the food culture, special ingredients and taste the new flavours.


Maily's kitchen present the "tapas" version of Indonesian cuisine and giving you the opportunity to travel Indonesia through her food creation. This give the guests to discover different things that served on the table. This summer, Maily's Kitchen collaborate with the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels to promote Indonesian Cuisine.


See you at Maily's Kitchen Rainbow Indonesian Fusion and be ready for your Tasteful Adventure!

Curious about what kind of dishes you'll be tasting? Contact us for a  menu and our special offers, we'll come back to you as soon as possible!

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