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  • Are these products vegan and vegetarian friendly?
    Find the information about ingredients and dietary information on Maily's Kitchen packaging and on our products page on the website. Maily's Kitchen does not use any meat nor meat-based flavour enhancers. For our vegan customers, kindly check the information about the ingredients of each product before consuming.
  • Can I use Maily's Kitchen products to create vegan or vegetarian meals?
    Yes! In fact, Maily's Kitchen products can be used to create or to accompany a wide array of cuisines. Simply choose your protein source and add Maily's Kitchen sauce to create your favorite meals.
  • Are Maily's Kitchen products gluten free?
    Most of Maily's Kitchen products are gluten FREE. There are some of Maily's Kitchen products which contain gluten as an ingredient. If you have any dietary limitations, kindly check each product's ingredient list before consuming.
  • Are Maily's Kitchen products available in the supermarket?
    Yes. Currently, Maily's Kitchen products are available in the Careffour Market Borgerhout, Antwerp, Belgium. Turnhoutsebaan 222, 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp Belgium
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